About Us

TATU FAST Defence was formed in September 2012, as a Self-Protection organisation. In September 2013, the company evolved into TATU Ltd when TATU Taekwon-Do and TATU Training joined the ranks. The company was launched by 4th degree International Taekwon-Do Instructor and FAST Defence Instructor Michael Turner.

The idea for TATU was to combine sport and traditional style martial arts, together with modern Self-Defence systems, to create a rounded martial arts, self-defence and fitness company.

TATU TKD is an ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) organisation affiliated with the International ITF Benidorm. It follows the traditional style of Taekwon-Do set down by our founder General Choi, while adopting modern aspects too. We also compete on a regular basis in local, national and world events.

‘What does TATU stand for?’

Well once you see our chief instructor you might get an idea, but primarily it stands for Teaching the Art of Taekwon-do and Universal Self-Defence.

School Taekwon-Do

We offer a range on sessions for schools from fitness classes using MMA style training and boot camps to padwork and boxercise. We also offer tailor made Taekwon-Do and self-defence classes to fit the need of the school.

Please ask for more details and references from schools we have worked at.